Thursday, 23 November 2017

Restaurants in Bangalore for Theme Based Parties

We all have an affinity for good food. Add a bit of an environment and ambience to that and people are ready to spend a lot of money on a lunch or a dinner. Be it a date with the person you love or a nice family dinner; a good place is always on demand and this brings us to this savvy list of theme based buffet restaurants in Bangalore as well as authentic diners. In the age of coupons and discounts, the offers on food and the various kinds of food offer today make these themed restaurants affordable for most of the public. Here is the list of top restaurants in Bangalore for theme based parties.

  1. Serengeti - Located on the topmost floor of Total Mall, it is an African forest themed restaurant.Its best dish as per public vote is the Cheese Olive naan and the cost for two people is approximately rupees 650. 
  2. Sahib Sindh Sultan - This is a railway station themed restaurant straight out of India’s imperial past. The dining space is trained’s compartments and it is designed with lamps from the British era and the staff is attired like ticket collectors to bring about the feel of the era to the consumers.
  3. Cable Car - The restaurant is themed to pay homage to the American city of San Francisco. A cable car compartment that is blue in color forms a part of the dining space. The cost for two people approximately is around rupees 700. 
  4. The Rock - The Rock is a restaurant is filled with cartoonish replicas of cute animals, butterflies that are all surrounding the people who have come to eat. In addition to this, the sound of birds chirping adds to the ambience. It is one of the famous theme restaurants in Indira Nagar, Bangalore. 
  5. Gufha - Gufha is situated at Jayanagar in Bangalore, and is modeled like a cave with low ceilings. To add to the ambience cobwebs and fake flame torches have been added to give a feeling of dining in a Gufha to the customers. Also to add ambience the sound of flowing water and jungle have been added. 
  6. Village - The entire restaurant is themed like a village would be during a mela. To add to the ambience, paper kites, lanterns, colorful hangings, milk canisters and truck tires have been added. 
  7. Jalsa - Jalsa, most famous for its TangriKabab is a Mughal darbar theme-chandelier, netted jharokhas and shimmering tapestry that supports the theme very well.  The staff is decked in sporting and vibrantly colored turbans that complete the ambience. It costs approximately rupees 1100 for two people to dine at the Jalsa. 
  8. Central Jail Restaurant - This place is themed as the central jail with the dining space being in the middle of a cell or in other words, a jail. Located at Jayanagar in Bangalore, it pinches approximately a smooth rupees 700 for two people. The best cuisines here are Andhra, Seafood, North Indian, and Chinese. 

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