Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What to gift your wife on Karva Chauth to show your token of appreciation

What is Karva Chauth?

It is known that Indians are in general religious and it is not even stereotyping the traditional Indian man or woman. India has always been a land of culture, tradition and history. It celebrates many a festival in a calendar year with some festivals celebrated might seem or sound bizarre to people who are not from India or are not familiar or accustomed to our religious views and beliefs.

One such festival is Karva Chauth that is going to be celebrated on the 8th of October this year. It is a festival or a religious event where mainly married women fast for all day without even sipping on a single drop of water or having a bite of a single crumb of food.  The fast starts at sunrise and continues till moonrise which sometimes might even lead into the night. The fast is believed to be kept by married women to pray to the Gods to ensure their husband’s good health, well-being and long life. Once the moon rises the ladies have a look at the moon and then look at their husband’s faces to break the fast. Their husband then makes them feed with his hands to officially break the fast. This is a custom that to begin with started mainly with north India but now has spread all across the country and some women have even taken this tradition to far-away lands outside of India. 

Why do some unmarried women celebrate Karva Chauth?

In some places even unmarried women follow Karva Chauth festival and fast in order to wish good health and long life for their fianc├ęs or to pray to God to grant them husbands that they desire. The puja is carried out mainly when there is “Muhurat”, that is the right time to host he puja that is mainly carried out in evenings.

What a husband  can do to show gratitude to his wife, this Karva chauth?

Karva Chauth is an auspicious event in the Indian festive calendar in which wives literally worship their husbands and this shows the love, commitment and emotional bonding between married Indians. The husband can show his gratitude to his wife by bringing home gifts that would make her feel special. And with all the e-commerce sites today offering the best of deals, offers and even discount coupons, shopping for the wife has become a lot more easier as her most loved products can be available to you at the best of prices. With Karva Chauth coupons, Karva Chauth sale, Karva Chauth deals, Karva Chauth offers, Amazon Karva Chauth offers, Flipkart Karva Chauth offers the entire dilemma about what to buy and what not to buy for the missus has been wiped off completely. The best of products at the best of prices are available to buy this Karva Chauth to make your beloved wife feel on the top of the world. 

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