Thursday, 21 April 2016

Morning Motivation Startup? Why Startups Fail?

They are failed!!!!Don’t make it your story!!

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1. Many startup fails because there is no market need either they are not of use or market already have sufficient Merchant of providing particulars. So First think how your Idea is useful for people and it should have proper space.

2. Overconfidence is the main reason people do get fail and the same is business also, its good be arrogant but with logical approach. Your expectation should be high but knowledge of reality can only make you reach there.

3. Shortness of fund also occurs in most startup as people go with all funds. So you should preserve some funds for worst case. So that you can survive in bad times.

4. Lack of planning in sales and marketing is another reason of failure, so you need to pay your attention on your sales and marketing that should be strong for making people know about your existence.

5. Young entrepreneur usually make thereseleves quick boss instead of initiating employee so basically early days if any start up can be challenging so you just need to create fun loving environment so that your employees love your job.

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6. No concentration is also the reason that startup skip proving themselves the starting people must take ownership on getting proper knowledge of how you can enrich your products, there is no more points than study which can make you know about your business.

7. Lack of stability many people are there who start it up but when no profits come along soon they choose to shut down, so have passions to face any kind of situation.

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8. Inflexibility also led up a start up to go on negative path in starting days the price of products should be less so that it can attract more users.

9.Seeking for options is also the reason that distract entrepreneur Just believe on the idea you are working with once you can get set there you can apply other concern too.

10. Losing hope is also the main concern don’t loss hope in any case you can achieve anything you want just a proper knowledge and constant practice you all need.

So All the best for your Start up!! Just believe yourself only!!

Content Author :- Garima Sharma - An optimistic girl who love to explore ideas about startup i really want India to become Make in one that’s all m here to share my thoughts. Recently get to know about the place you should visit if you are a true start up lover as well as love to know new things.