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Gudi Padwa: Your entire guide to this festival is here

Gudi Padwa is the starting of new year according to hindu methodology, The frequent New year celebrate among the world is according western culture however Hindu people are known to celebrate festivals and rituals in their own way and Gudi padwa aka Hindu new year is mostly celebrated among India in different name and different way by every state. Gudi Padwa is celebrated on chaitra shukla partipada which is first day of New Year beginning.However in the middle of chaitra month it is being celebrated because it is assumed that good works only take place in Shukla Paksh while starting of the month is from Krishna paksh. So This Festival has colors of celebrating differently that will surely give you more reason to have fun.

Gudi Padwa Celebration

History and scientist reason behind Celebration

The Gudi padwa is being celebrated as this is believed this is the day while Lord Brahma created the universe. This is the day of start the world so that it is being celebrated as the way of starting and positivity. There are many reason and stories behind celebration of Gudi padwa as people from different state make it. The another reason according to hindu methodology is that Lord Vishnu come on earth in matsya roop to save the earth from Pralaya. The divine sentience after sunrise and spread positive energy all over so it is believed to worship the gudi padwa during sunrise and get positivity. The other reason of celebration is as corp. is get ready and as India is agricultural oriented country and the moment is corp is ready to sell means the property will come in the house, thus people celebrate the occasion with all happiness and do wish each other sure success and wealth.

Celebrate the Gudi Padwa


How to celebrate Gudi Padwa

Gudi is also celebrate in the india as in Karnataka and Andhra pradesh it is being celebrate as ugali festival .For sindhi community This day is a symbol of chetichand which is the most auspicious day for sindhi community as this is believe that the saint of this community Jhulelal has born on this day along with some rituals they do celebrate this festival at large extent. So coming upon Gudi Padwa this is basically the name by which Marathi people celebrate this. The gudi means on one long bamboo there are gudi ties which includes neem leaves mango leaves with Jiggery(in south side usually) which is covered with bright green and yellow color cloth and placed at high place in the right side of house. It is believed that right side gives spiritual side of anything. Neem buds and flowers which are tied outside the gudi and thus these well known combinations of happiness is being spread all over the house. The Gudi is a symbol of victory that’s why people keep it in outside the house to show the victorious spirit and let the divine bless the house al the required things and wealth.

How to get Gudi Padwa gifts and offers

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Gudi Padwa gifts and offers

Celebrate the Gudi Padwa with

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So Happy New Year and Gudi padwa!!Stay bleesed!!

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