Friday, 21 July 2017

Independence Day-Why it is Celebrated, and Exciting Offers on This Day

Independence Day is observed on the 15th of August in India.With the civil disobedience movement and the non-cooperation movement, India attained independence from the British on the 15th of August 1947. This is a national holiday throughout India, and people celebrate it by hoisting flags and distributing sweets. Independence was won after two hundred years of steady struggle against the British rule in India, and as the time passed, the atrocities increased, in a bid to make the Indians cower in fear; but as the atrocities increased, people were further enraged and forced to fight for their motherland. Men like Bhagat Singh and Mangal Pandey lay down their lives with only one hope-that their death would infuse further anger in the youth of the day, and that they would pick arms against the British. Incidents like the Jalianwala Bagh tragedy, and the continuous humiliation in the hands of the British, who thought Indians as lesser humans, brought people together to fight back.

A Public Holiday

Being a holiday, you shall probably get a day off from your busy schedule and you will look for Independence Day offers 2017, in which case, we are here to help you. FromIndependence Day offers in Amazon to coupons for various websites, you shall get all the information that you need to have fun and enjoy the day with your friends or family.

Various Offers

From Independence Day offers on mobiles to offers on outings and clubbing or even a short trip, you shall get all coupons on MyTokri. It has been a boon for customers in recent times and gone are the days when you needed to search hard for offers pertaining to a certain festival or event like Independence Day coupons. MyTokri lists all the offers and more related to a particular day, on a single page so that you can compare and understand which one would suit you the best. 

Types of Deals That You Get

Earlier we could only see retail dealers giving us offers on Independence Day, on electronics, but today offers range from clothes to movie coupons and the list is endless. For anyone who has a lot of shopping to do, this is a good day, since even malls start advertising from weeks before to let customers know of the one-day deals bonanza.

So, hope you make the most of Independence Day 2017 offers and Jai Hind to all Indians, from my heart. 

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