Wednesday, 31 May 2017

10 Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and for the man who has given you a lifetime of sound advice, and who has always been your go-to person, maybe it is time to trade in that tie you get him every year for some out of the box gift ideas? Coming 18th June, maybe you should go an extra mile, for the man who taught you to walk, maybe even ride the bicycle, and probably how to woo your girl, while hiding or sugar coating facts to your mom.
  1. Customized gifts - If customization is what you want, productswhileYou can check many gifts website online. They have various gift boxes for different types of dad, be it Cool Dad, Workaholic Dad, Religious Dad, and so on. Here you can gift him a personalized coffee mug, with a greetings card, and chocolates and perfumes with it as well.
  2. Gifts for your dad at up to 90% off from Online shopping - Father’s Day offers, get the deepest discounts and cashback on Father’s Day Gifts starting at just Rs 99. Shop for your Dad and make this Father day more special for him. You can get a mobile phone, LED TV, laptop, a watch and many products while saving money.
  3. Spend the day somewhere outside or take a short trip, and get the best of discounts - Be it, or  10% OFF on 4N / 5D Delhi - Agra - Jaipur package at Travel space or Day Outing Package at Rs.875 at Golden Huts Resorts in Gurgaon.
  4. Father’s Day Candy Gram - Write a fun message that’s peppered with candy puns, and use it to make a candy gram for Dad to enjoy on Father’s Day. A slightly different handmade gift for dad but an amazing one nonetheless.
  5. Sketch A Shirt - With a little help from Mom, you can create a totally unique shirt for Dad to wear. Get creative with your drawings, or write the classic Father’s Day messages such as “World’s Best Dad.” Nothing that your father will like to show off more to his pals to his friends while sipping on beer.
  6. Daddy Cupcakes - For the Dad with a sweet tooth, you can make a batch of themed cupcakes. Decorate them using his favorite sport as inspiration.
  7. Thumb-Saver Magnetic Nail Setter - Does your dad do a lot of handy work? Is he great at DIY? Does he sit with his tools and some wood every Sunday to chip up something new? Save his thumbs and let him relax with a magnetic nail setter, that holds the nail in place, so he doesn’t have to risk hitting his precious fingers.
  8. An electric trimmer - If you have seen your dad bleed while shaving, half the days of your life, maybe it is time to gift him an electric trimmer or shaver, both of which can be bought at amazing discounts on Flipkart or Amazon, and which will guarantee that, the next time your dad shaves, he doesn’t bleed. 
  9. Get him some “tiles”- Does your dad forget where he put his keys? Or has a hard time finding his wallet? Maybe it is time you got him some “tiles”. Small and easy to use, just attach them to his keys, or put one in his wallet, to make his days easier.
  10. Plan a family picnic, or just spend the day with him - Yes, the good old-fashioned way. Plan a family picnic, just the three or four of you. You don’t have to call all the uncles or aunts he probably dislikes. Cook his favorite food. Get him his favorite six pack beer. Or go out to watch his favorite team play on the fields. Spend the day with him and make his day special.

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