Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Why Online doctor consultations are getting popular?

It is not easy to get appointment from doctors these days. Gone are the days when doctors paid visit even to their patient’s home. Now, no matter how sick you’re, you would have to visit doctors in their clinics.

However, thanks to digitisation, you have the options of consulting doctors online right from the comforts of your home. Online doctor consultation is quite popular in the west. In India, it is slowly getting popular…many people still do not trust the ideal of getting treated over phone calls and video chats.

It is true that not all ailments can be treated online. However, in a recent survey it has been proved that common problems like flu, sinus, diarrhoea, urinary tract infection etc. can be treated with virtual care. Let’s have a look at it in detail.

How does online doctor consultation work?

Telehealth services or online doctor consultation services are designed to offer immediate treatment benefits to patients. Some of the steps involved are:

  1. Go to the concerned site and make a request for online doctor consultation
  2. Depending upon your ailment, you need to choose the specialist you want to consult with
  3. The doctor reviews your condition
  4. You get a call or video chat offer where you can discuss your problems and the doctor can give her advice after diagnosing your symptoms
  5. The doctor recommends a proper treatment plan

How To Find An Online Doctor?

Health is something that you should not compromise with. So, it is really important that you choose the right website for anything and everything related to your treatment.

1mg labs is one such a place. From online doctor consultation to conducting tests, all can be done from the comforts of your home.

1mg lab offers in-house specialists like cancer specialist, child specialist, neurologist, and more and you need make a choice among these based on your ailment and concern. There are e-doctors who are always in your service. There are veterinary doctors as well for your beloved fur babies.

There are health products and medicines as well that you can buy online.

Make use of 1mg labs new offers in order to get medicines and other products at discounted rates. They also conduct tests and they send their expert to collect the required sample from your destination and then report online.

Treatment Made Easy

Thanks to websites like 1mg labs, patients no longer have to wait to get their tests done or to even get treated. There is instant help available online along with medicines and other health products.

1mg labs Active offers are available on the website itself and you can avail discount of 20-25% by making use of the right 1mg labs coupon code.

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