Tuesday, 8 November 2016

10 Reasons to host with MilesWeb

The world has rapidly been going into the online sector and this can be very well seen different field of life. From video calling to shopping everything can be done with a single click. Milesweb has been a great supporter of the ever increasing online business and has started web hosting venture at an affordable price in order to support to the digitalisation. Though there are couples of web hosting servers available in the market but with superior performance and 24x7 online support system Milesweb Internet Services surely seals the deal.

Loaded with experienced members handling Linux and windows systems administrators 24x7, we at Milesweb provide cheaper and most affordable solution to the client’s problem. The experts in the panel focus on configuring the servers to provide superior website service to the users at much better data speed and affordable rate. The technical staffs are majorly hired from reputed organisation that has enough technical skills to handle the web hosting queries and respond to the user as soon as possible.

The products and the servers been established are been configured in a manner that provides the best available output that can be provided to the user at a reasonable rate. The key idea behind setting up the company is to provide easy access to the websites for the users at a convenient manner.

Here are some of the reasons why choosing Milesweb is a better solution?

  • MilesWeb has data centres currently in India, London, USA and Romania. This gives the option to the client to access the web at their very own location.The company claims to have maximum uptime that means the server usually never goes out of speed.
  • The setup and installation procedure is quite simple and there are no hidden charges once the connection is been taken.
  • There are few apps like Jhoomla, Magneto which can be installed pretty easily without much worry or any other troubles.
  • If the user wants to develop and e-commerce website than MilesWeb server hosting is just the right choice for you. The cPanel store of Milesweb allows the user to configure the website in order to setup and e-commerce store. With additional Milesweb coupons this task then becomes pretty cheaper.
  • MilesWeb provides unlimited POP3 and IMAC accounts so that you can create up to unlimited mail ids for the website.
  • Milesweb has introduced a backup scheme which back-ups the data of the website and can be easily restored in case of any data loss.
  • Milesweb offers the latest and updated versions of MySQL and PHP on its servers to ensure compatibility on various devices.
  • The additional SSL certificate ensures that the content that the users are been surfing is completely safe and free from any viruses.
  • Milesweb discount coupons are easily available online which is been basically published to provide additional cashback benefits to the new subscribers.


Due to its high speed 24x7 technical supports and data backup facility Milesweb sales have seen a considerable amount of rise in recent time. With basic fares as low as Rs.109/month it is only advisable to go for such web hosting servers without any doubt. Further with updated and latest version of the PHP and MySQL makes it user friendly for the users and can be easily accessed via any given platform. This not only makes it convenient for the surfers but only helps in increasing the visitors per day of a particular site. MilesWeb server hosting solutions have slowly expanding their roots in the online world in major countries with a hope of providing easy access to the web servers at an affordable price.

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